How it all began...


    Inspired by the diversity of our world, songwriter Misha Bogomolov ran away from home to travel the world and experience different cultures hoping to create a style of songwriting that would relate to people worldwide. Starting from Limassol, Cyprus where he graduated high school, his travels took him through Russia, Uzbekistan, France, Egypt, Canada, East & West Coasts of the United States and Guatemala carving his signature songwriting style along the way.       

    Eventually landing in Boston's Berklee College of Music with a musical style reminiscent of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Kings of Leon with hints of Middle-Eastern, Folk and Country music, he moves into a house with drummer and producer Will Weil with whom they begin jamming and working on ArtHouse. Shortly after, the two meet Trumpeter, Arranger and Writer Chris Dorsey who introduced the band to Barber Shop tags, a Tame Impala inspired songwriting style, and a huge passion for trains. Eventually the band also introduced Greek Bass Player Vasilis Papadopoulos, LA singer-songwriter Maya Karli and Actress/Vocalist Adaira Reum. And of course, we must never forget that the tasty piano playing on a lot of the tracks was done by former beloved ArtHouse member Donghwan Seo who had to return to Korea for Military Service.