Crafted with love...

"Everything's Right"

The Music Video that came to life. Lina Cooper falls for the heartbreaking Afanasy and ends up breaking up with her boyfriend who then had to move out of the ArtHouse. All for a beautiful love story that almost came to be...

"Perfect Time"

The lonely adventure seeking Afanasy finds Adaira Reum at a gloomy club with mysterious figures...

"Fire Seeking Eyes"

Filmed Live at The ArtHouse by the man behind the wires, producer Ivan Cheung. Featuring Misha Bogomolov (Guitar/Vox), Chris Dorsey (Trumpet/Vox), Will Weil (Drums), Adaira Reum (Vox) and Vasillis Papadopolous (Nasty Bass playing)

"Aint No Sunshine"

A cover of the all time classic by Bill Withers. Featuring João Perrusi (Guitar), Misha Bogomolov (Guitar/Vox), Will Weil (Drums) and Vasillis Papadopolous (Extremely Nasty Bass playing)